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Campus Volunteer Program


THE Tsinelas Association Inc. believes in the role of the youth in changing society. Tsinelas believes that its mission and vision can be achieved with the youth sector involved in its operation, and that it needs the idealism and dynamism of the young to stay relevant to the times.

The Tsinelas Campus Volunteer Program was formed out of this conviction. The program organizes students who share in Tsinelas’ cause and makes them active members of the organization. It provides a venue where student volunteers become more socially aware of and actively involved in other people’s struggle for their right to education.

How a Campus Volunteer Group is formed
• The Tsinelas Executive Committee identifies the school where the youth-volunteer program can be implemented
• The Execom identifies a teacher/student leader from the school who will act as coordinator and oversee the formation of the group.
• The coordinator recommends names of potential members to the Execom, who will approve the final list of volunteers
• The coordinator facilitates the election of officers for the volunteer group
• The group divides itself into committees, patterned after the structure already operational at the Execom level
• The group’s name will officially carry the word “Tsinelas”, (e.g., UP-Tsinelas, CSCST-Tsinelas)
• The officers will work for the group’s accreditation with the school

How a Campus Volunteer Group operates
• The group comes up with its own plan of activities based on Tsinelas’ objectives. The group submits this plan to the Execom for review and approval
• The group implements its plans without compromising the academic priorities of its members. The group considers studies as its members’ first priority
• The group may come up with its own set of rules based on the realities peculiar to their school – as long as it doesn’t run in conflict with the general policies of Tsinelas – and submit this to the Execom for approval
• The group president, or representative, attends general assemblies and other meetings called for by the Execom

The Role of a Campus Volunteer
• The campus volunteer upholds at all times Tsinelas’ mission and vision
• The campus volunteer keeps his school priorities and does not allow his membership with Tsinelas as reason for poor academic performance
• The campus volunteer doesn’t compromise his responsibilities at home with his/her membership in Tsinelas
• The campus volunteer attends meetings called for by his chapter and participates in its activities

Tsinelas’ Obligation to the Campus Volunteers
• Tsinelas provides the youth volunteers with seminars and trainings in relation to their role in the organization
• Tsinelas provides youth groups with material and financial help, whenever feasible, for the implementation of their programs
• Tsinelas provides its youth volunteers exposure to project areas
• Tsinelas gives out certificates of membership and other forms of recognition for the volunteers’ service


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